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Why Choose WebMC?

  • Tired of constantly struggling with your own website.
  • Are unsure whether all the information is correct.
  • You need somebody to turn to for internet assistance.

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Why me

If you are looking to get a new website developed or want to upgrade your existing site I can help you make the correct decisions.

If having your questions answered leave you more confused than you were before, I am able give you the help you need to understand.

Together we will work out the correct website development or webpage maintenance package for you.

Who am I

Hi, my name is Bruce Castle and I have been working in the IT internet business for the last 25 years. It all started with me learning to code my very own website.

I then got involved with the development of the mobile web and have been privileged to have worked and watched how the mobile web has grown.

I have spent the last 6 years working with Wayne Gordon from MegaFlash on some of the most exciting and cutting edge technology available today.

I have now decided to move away from the corporate environment and get back to my roots and use the knowledge I have gained to help and develop smaller websites.

If you are looking to get your very own website devloped but are confused with all the terminology (WordPress, Joomla, CMS, Bootstrap, E-commerce, Wix, PHP) I can help you decide on what is needed, as well as help prepare the best way to start your website or online shop.

I will help you do this in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

If your existing site is not quite working for you I can help tweak the website to achieve the best results for you.

Website Development

When last did you hear of somebody using the yellow pages to find something, in fact most people today don’t even know what the yellow pages are? Even if you don’t actively use social media or the internet you still have a digital footprint, so nowadays not having a website means you are losing business. I can help you make the correct decision regarding all your website needs, whether it is the simple 1-page website or the more involved multi-page website, shop or blog. I can assist you in getting up and running with the minimum amount of fuss.

  • Do I need a website?

    The simple answer is yes.
    You don’t have to be a tech wizard, to have a professional website, which should also be a relatively inexpensive and stress free experience.

    A recent study found that 82% of shoppers used the internet to gather information on products before making a decision.

  • No. you don't.
    The website you have might only need updating or just be tweaked to get the most out of it and get it working more effectively for you.

  • This all depends on actively involved with the website you want to be.
    If you like learning and knowing how new things work then WordPress or even Joomla would be the way to go.

    If you prefer for it all to "just Happen" and have somebody to manage the website then PHP and Bootstrap would be the way to go.

  • Extensive studies done have shown that nowadays people did not trust a business that has no website.

    First impressions are what count so having a bad website can and will damage your business, where as a good and well managed website will enable you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  • When compared to other forms of advertising having a website offers you the best return on your investment.

Webpage Management

Website management begins as soon as your website has been created. Being able to take over any existing website and work with what is there, means there are no hidden costs due to redevelopment. It is all about improving on and then maintaining the best online web presence possible. This entails making sure that the website is as secure as possible and is backed up on a regular basis. It means taking care of those vitally important but annoying updates that we all  "dislike" doing for our computers and phones, but are essential in making sure the website is as up to date and working as effectively as possible. Working together with you to come up with the best value package for all your web needs. I can help!

Update website

With the large rise of online security threats and malware, it is imperative that your website is always up to date. This will ensure no enquiry, contact, or sale gets lost.

Cross browser compatibility

Checking the performance and how responsive your website is on major browsers and mobile devices.

Monitor uptime

You are told they guarantee 99% uptime for your website, I make sure that's what you get.

Test the Forms

This entails going through the website and filling out and testing each and every form to ensure that they are working properly.


Regular backups are crucial when it comes to effective website management. But it is equally important to make sure that the backups taken are properly stored at your specified location.


Checking website analytics will help you analyze things like "Analyze which traffic sources visitors are coming from" "How long they stay on the website."


The most important things to remember when it comes to looking after your website is: Make sure your website remains safe and secure.

Make sure the website is maintained correctly so that it continues to load fast and deliver the best possible experience.

Let me help your website get the results you need, no bullshit, just what you need



  • 1 Page
  • Multi Page
  • Ecommerce
  • CMS (wordpress)
  • HTML

Mid level

R500 / month

  • Website Update
  • Website Backup (off site)
  • Contact Form testing
  • Monitor Uptime
  • 3 Hours work


R900 / month

  • Website Update
  • Website Backup (off site)
  • Contact Form testing
  • Monitor Uptime
  • Maintenance Ecommerce


If you need to find out a bit more, have a question, or you simply want to chat about your website development and management give us a call, WhatsApp or simply fill in the form below and I will get back to you.

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